Luke DeKneef is a self taught artist originally from the concrete jungle town of Waipahu located in central Oahu, Hawaii. At the age of 12 he and his Hānai family moved to the beautiful country side where he was raised in a quiet little town known as Hau'ula that is tucked away on the North East side of Oahu. Since Luke was 5 he has been creating art but It wasn't until he was in the 9th grade that his artistic abilities began to spark the excitement of Kahuku high school art teacher Ms. Sherrill Balbirona. Believing in his gift, she mentored him and helped him to pursue fine art through each school year. He entered art competitions and it was in his 12th grade year at the Congressional Art Competition for High School Students, where one of his paintings caught the eyes of Congresswoman Patsy T. Mink, who later purchased his Plumeria Cluster masterpiece. 

Luke began to excel higher and higher in his craft ever since that day and is now making himself known as a powerhouse in the genre of surf inspired art. He has been a self taught artist right out of high school and has been creating fine art for over 17 years with his medium of choice, acrylics. Luke also likes to expand his creativity through different forms of art such as aerosol & charcoal just to name a few. His love for nature and the ocean is truly amplified in vibrant incomprehensible tones throughout his work. When he is not painting he is an active waterman, hiker, athlete and also finds time to do volunteer work in his community.

Luke Dekneef Fine Art